Anilah Salhar

Lady of Cheliax and diplomats wife


Lady Anilah Salhar is a stunning Chelaxian noble with impeccable style and social graces. Anilah takes vanity beyond even the usual stigma attached to those from her homeland. While she is certainly as ambitious as she is successful, Anilah is surprisingly fair and generous. While many question her marriage to her older husband, Anilah seems to truly care for the man.


Born in the infernal nation of Cheliax, Anilah was raised to embody all the values associated with the powerful country. However, despite her respect for the status quo and need for lawful and order, Anilah could never make peace with the devil worship, diabolism and tyranny that surrounded her. Not wishing to dishonor her family or draw their ire, Anilah looked for a way to serve their goals but remove herself from the less tasteful elements of her homeland. Thankfully, her salvation came in the form of a visiting Osirion ambassador who made his affection for her well known. Initially, Anilah married the man knowing that in his company she would be safe, free from Cheliax, but also ensure her families fortune and favour.

As chance would have it, Anilah fell in love with her husband and the couple grew to be more than anyone else expected. The pair are currently living in Absalom, serving the whims of Osirion and Cheliax alike.

Anilah Salhar

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