Delthrin Everet



Delthrin considers himself the ultimate pragmatist, striving to make something useful out of a discarded resource—dead flesh and bone. “Waste not, want not” is his mantra, and he envisions a day when every home can buy, sell, and trade tireless undead servants, controlled by a simple magical device that anyone can use.


Delthrin is an oddity, a native Absalom necromancer. He has always lived in the city, but he appears in public only rarely, usually when the city is in dire peril. Despite his actions in defense of the city, he remains a dark and menacing figure whose name is a byword in the city used to frighten children.

Delthrin is amused by his reputation and the fear it engenders in locals, as he feels it both enhances his infamy and helps protect his privacy. Yet the rumors about him aren’t completely false; he would as soon do without the common masses and replace them with an obedient and tireless undead laboring class.

Delthrin Everet

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