Dremdhet Salhar

Osirian grand ambassador to Absalom


Dremdhet Salhar is a stocky Osirian in his late middle years. While his head is completely bald, he has a thick white/grey beard. Despite being an Osirion native, Dremdhet dresses in a relatively cosmopolitan clothing, likely as a result of the lengthy amount of time he spends abroad and with his Chelaxian wife, Lady Anilah Salhar. Dremdhet is unsurprisingly diplomatic and well meaning, but not above resorting to using his position to protect himself and his family.


As one of Osirions many Grand Ambassadors, Dremdhet has always had his home countries best interests at heart. Nevertheless, his marriage to a Chelaxian seems to have opened his mind and made him all the better at his job. Dremdhet was born in the Land of the Pharaohs, in the glimmering jewel capital of Sothis. Despite being raised in the ancient capital, Dremdhet dreamed of seeing the lands beyond the sands. Dremdhet soon learnt of the role of diplomats and that they often traveled across the known world. Too tempted to resist, the young Osirian studied hard until he was able to secure his place as an aide to one such ambassador. Since his early beginnings, Dremdhet has worked hard to climb the politic ladder and secure his place as one of his nations Grand Ambassadors. While their are those that believe his marriage to Lady Salhar was political, the opposite is true. The ambassador was enticed by the Ladys beauty and married for love.

Dremdhet is currently serving as an ambassador in Absalom, all too aware of the Shadow War that rages in the great city. While he tries to avoid such machinations, Dremdhets influence and favor is not to be ignored.

Dremdhet Salhar

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