Apotheosis Prologue

Almost ten years ago the then ‘Champions of Absalom’ stood against an inconceivable enemy from their own futures. Despite the difficulties presented to them, in both the nature of their opponent and his unthinkable horde, the small team stood triumphant in the defence of their home city and plane. But their victory was not without cost, for despite their successes, the group found themselves flung forward into their own future, to the present day. Now the heroes, retitled ‘The Godkissed’, must gain their bearings in a future they do not fully understand, learn the secrets of the past denied to them, confront the outcome of the choices they have made and live up to the mantle thrust upon them. But their enemies do not rest idle, and as they readjust to their new existence, ‘The Godkissed’ will have to deal with forces more insidious than they could ever imagine…



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