The Players Behind The Champions

Behind every great Champion of Absalom there is a player. This page details the people who take up dangerous assignments every other Monday in the defense of their home and the multiverse. These players, are the Champions of Absalom.

Tom (Stem) – Game Master

Tom is the Game Master of the Champions of Absalom campaign and the administrator of this Obsidian Portal. He has been DMing games for almost two decades, but CoA is the continuation of his first attempt at recruiting an entirely new group together and gaming in a public venue. Tom and Steven came up with the idea for CoA when they decided they wanted to expand their gaming group and add some fresh faces.

Steven (Shakey) – Albert Doel

Steven is the veteran player of the group, having been an active roleplayer for the past five years. Steven puts a great amount of value on the themes, story and character interactions within a campaign, working alongside Tom during the planning stages to ensure the campaign was interesting and eventful, but still accessible for the newer players.

As Albert, Steven takes on the role of the knowledgeable wizard, coming to terms with his growing capabilities, while balancing his complex family ties, his position at the Arcanamirium and his place as a Champion of Absalom.

Scot (Scot_the_1_t) – Behnam

Scot is new to roleplaying, but confesses to having a strong interest in ‘the story’. As a renowned fan of dwarves (Scot fields a sizable dwarven army in his wargaming ventures) it comes as little surprise that his first character was dwarven too. Following his dwarf characters death, Scot took the role of party cleric, Behnam.

As Behnam, Scot takes on the role of the devoted cleric and evangelist. Acting as the groups moral compass and diplomat following Julians departure, Behnam struggles to align his religious dedication with his role in the Champions.

Dave (DavidRobertson) – Malias Dyce

While Dave has dipped his feet in roleplaying previously, the majority of his roleplaying experience comes from the storylines of MMO’s. As such, Daves focus is on making the most of the tools and abilities available to his character and developing them into his personality. Daves first character was a dwarven magus, who made the most of the magus ability to both cast spells whilst also able to handle himself in combat. Following the death of this character, Dave took up the role of Malias Dyce, inquisitor of Iomedae.

As Malias, Dave takes on the role of the parties front line combatant and support. Malias makes use of his divine spells to make himself a force to be reckoned with in combat, but not one to be discounted off the battlefield.

Barry (Weg_2011) – A’hymhu Set’nah

Like Dave, Barry has dabbled in roleplaying, but he’s more often seen at competitive events for a multitude of different types of games and systems. It comes as no surprise that Barrys style favors brutal efficiency in combat scenarios. Nevertheless, he also invests heavily in other aspects of his character outside the immediately useful.

As A’hymhu, Barry takes on the role of the party specialist. Combining damage output with useful skills such as disable device and survival. But A’hymhu also represents the darker side of the group, mutated with a third eye and rarely showing mercy unless requested to by the other Champions.

Former Players

Fen (fenthinks) – Nazuk Kasiis

Fen started roleplaying a few years ago, dabbling in the Warhammer Fantasy roleplaying game and later in Vampire the Masquerade. With her background routed in every possible style of arts, Fen took to roleplaying like a duck to water.

Fen appeared originally guest starred as Nazuk Kasiis in House of Harpies, but since her recent move to Glasgow and involvement in the local Pathfinder Society, Fen yearned for more Pathfinder and re-embraced the role of the nimble information gathering acrobat. Nazuk has her ear to the ground in Absalom, sharing her knowledge of the metropolis with the other Champions. However, with her late arrival in the group it is unclear if Nazuk has divided loyalties.

When Fen took her leave of the game, Nazuk also departed Absalom to look into her racial heritage and her developing abilities.

Josh (yayosh) – Julian Ormontagne

Like Scot, Josh was new to roleplaying. However, coming from a background of wargames, boardgames and card games, it was the next logical step. Josh brought his lighthearted enthusiasm to the table, often taking the chance (with a little prodding) to flex his social skills. Joshs inexperience at roleplaying actually helped give the impression of his characters youth and inexperience.

As Julian, Josh took on the role of the youthful socialite, adventuring for the joy of it and for another story to tell. Julian was the social front of the agents, but he was also deeply founded in his families jewellery business.

When Josh had to relocate due to work commitments, Julian took his leave of the then Agents of the Varlokkur in order to study at the The White Grotto, a reputed Absalom bardic college.

The Players Behind The Champions

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